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About the Band

Nomalakadoja is a Santa Cruz-based upbeat reggae band that has been playing music up and down the West Coast for over a decade. Their fast-paced rhythm combined with soulful melodies have rendered them a Bay Area favorite and has earned the band various mixed media voter-based awards. With their matching outfits and coordinated dance moves, their high-energy performances have been consistently adding to their fan base & packing venues from northern to southern CA. One thing that both long-time fans and newcomers alike share is the way that Nomalakadoja gets their viewers to effortlessly dance and sing along with their unique take on reggae music they call "Feel Good Music".

Spencer Vantress
Lead Vocals and Drums

Alex Walther
Guitar and Backup Vocals

Chris Gilbert
Bass and Lead Dancer

Ian Dresser
Percussion and Being Rad

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